November 30, 2010

I'm very stress depressed and very sad. haih .

September 22, 2010

wohooooooooo~ sweetest birthday i never had before !

Oh yeahh ! i past my freaking happiest birthday with my buddies!
aww.. i realized i have alots of friends who love me!
hehe~ thanks so much!~
thanks my brother's gangs , kiwanis gangs who gave me suprise on last sunday !
i can't imagine that you guys bring a cake into the K rooms! special thanks to sze ying!
thanks my dear.. laopor.. you gave me a sweet suprise on the morning of my day !
althought i'm involved in the trial ! but the day was so sweet for me! thanks. i love you ..
trust me, i'll care you love you untill the end !
thanks My ap's friends. ! garee , kian wah , wayne , nicky , suleen , joshua , bubu , and also raney !!
thanks all of you so much ! i'm fully enjoyed with the lunch ! and also the sweetest lunch i had !
thanks to Eric too. a friends know each other in facebook ! You gave me a very delicious cake !
i love it so much ! thanks!
lastly thanks my beloved buddies in my school !
thanks to take my birthday dinner with me althought it's trial now !
appreciate it so muchs !!
i'm also need to thanks those who wished me in facebook . err.. my facebook wall is fully with you guys's wishes ! OH my god . im faint because i replied almost 500 comment in facebook ! love you all so muchs !
hehe ~ yeapp my 17's birthday had past with the hapinness !
thanks all ! muacks!

and photo will be upload soon ! or have a look in my profile :D

September 2, 2010


hoho ~
mr.woo is retired :((
so unwilling to let him go away from 5s2 :'(
he is apart of us !
a member in this big family :D
so just take care always mr.woo ~
will be miss you always=)

and tomorrow will be the last day before trial :(
i should appreciate it =)
and just try hard on trial exam .
althought it's might be impossible for me.
just do the best !

is ready for fried rice to my love one=)
eheheheh . `love you always=)

September 1, 2010

mrwoo.good bye ! .

oh ya..
today our class-5s2 was celebrated with mr.woo's farewell .
we bought KFC and eat in the class after the sch period =)
enjoy la mr.woo !
tmr school will be having a small farewell party with mr.woo.
and i decided to sing song for him on the stage with classmates !
we want to raise you up ! wohoo ~
lets enjoy ! mr.woo.
will be miss you and your voice always !
picture will be upload soon =)

ah yeahh !

August 31, 2010


oh yea.
a time does not update my blog .
got to say sorry to the viewer ! hahaha .
because of my attitude.
dats why i less update .

all my friends get their license .
is so easy to go somewhere.
it's 21days to go to approach my birthday ~
and also the trial exam :X
so fuc* to tell all of you i havent fully start on my revision .

and ..
i enjoy the time be with the love one .
i love you ~

i'll try hard to update my blog often !
just ..
wait for me ! :)))

good bye .

and happy merdeka !! :X

July 25, 2010


My life recently is just ....

July 18, 2010

woot :)

past this weekend with dear !
dear i love you :P
and today is nor birthday .
happy birthday yaa! happy always :D

and i'm very unlucky.
whole malaysia just have 27% form5 student have been chosen to the plkn.
i'm one of the one :)
i dunno whether this is good or not for me .
1st . i don't worry to cut botak . i love to try it :D
but i don't wish to become dark skin after that :'(
is so worry about that man :(
2nd. less my best friends chosen to ns .
exspecially loon and yang :'(
lol. but as u promised me. cut botak togother :D
3rd. my cousin told me it will be a good experience in ns .
and i'm exited on it also :D
so im really confuse before i know the results .
but now i have to face it ! hahaha . NS !!

I wish to do this :)

wowowow ~ LOL.

kay larhh . trial is around the corner :D
try hard to study =)